Friday, May 19, 2017

Vauva Backpack Diaper Bag

Vauva Backpack Diaper Bag + Giveaway (Pronunciation: Va-Va)
So we all remember those gigantic, plastic diaper bags people use to use, right? They had just a shoulder strap so when you're carrying your baby in their infant car seat, you're walking through isles apologizing to people for hitting them with your diaper bag. well I'm here to tell you that those days are over! Sadly, I was that person with my first baby, Khloe. I had the type of diaper bag that I was just referring to. It was a hand-me-down, with Winnie The Pooh characters on the front of it. With my second baby, Luke, I still had one of those plastic, one shoulder diaper bags except it was NEW and it had more of a modern design. Finally, with my FOURTH and final baby, my mom got me my first backpack diaper bag! Let me tell you, it was LIFE-CHANGING! If only I would of had this type of diaper bag with all of my babies, my life would have been so much easier! After a while, this bag had become a bit bulky for my busy, on-the-go mom lifestyle. I decided to part ways with it and just use my purse, which wasn't so practical. I discovered Vauva Backpack Diaper Bags and fell in love! They are the world's first minimalist backpack diaper bag! Now that we've got my evolution of diaper bags out of the way, let's get serious. Let's be real. Life with kids can be so hard! I'm so scatter-brained most days, trying to remember all the things I'm suppose to get done. Which usually leads to me forgetting, A LOT. I have worked hard to make my family's life simpler. Instead of having tons of toys, set a goal to get rid of any toys that don't fit into a certain container, or instead of having tons of clothes, have a couple staple pieces and mix it up every time they wear it, with accessories, jackets ect. When we leave the house has always been the most stressful, trying to remember everything we need for the kids, because if we forget Harper's baby doll, it WILL be the end of the world! With my Vauva Backpack, it's easy just to toss it on my back and go! I love how it comes with a changing pad and wet bag. You never know when your kid is going to have an accident or blowout, so the wet bag is perfect for those unexpected occasions. How many times have you gone into a restroom and there is no changing table? Well, if you're around where I live in Central California, then it's probably happened to you more than once. The changing pad is such a life saver! You can practically change your baby's diaper anywhere with the changing pad. Did I mention that it has an insulated cup holder, which is super important! It even comes with a second cup holder for my drink!
If you have toddlers like me who will just run off without warning, this bag is for you. I'm constantly chasing after my kids. I don't have to worry about leaving my diaper bag somewhere when I'm trying to catch my little ones. Not to mention, my Vauva is super light-weight! I dont ever feel like my shoulders or back are sore. In fact, Vauva is putting their bag to the ultimate test. They've hung their Vauva Backpack Diaper bag from a tree with 78 pounds in it, which has included it going though snow and rain and it's still holding strong. You should go follow along on their Instagram to get updates on it! How much longer do you think it will last? Do you think the bag could hold up to the harsh summer sun? I love this bag and I know you will too! I couldn't tell you enough how much easier this bag has made my life. I know that might sound a bit dramatic but it's true. I wish I could give each one of my friends this Vauva bag, but for now I want to do a giveaway so that you can have a chance to see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Good luck!
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